Privacy Policy

This webpage gives all the information we share on our website. This will help protect the privacy of our clients. You will know how we use the information on this site, as well as all the information you find on this website.

Collection of Information

All information you share with Available Public Records will be made available to the public. Take note that all the information you share with us are public. Do not post any private messages or important email addresses. We likewise make use of cookies to help your experience with our website smooth.

Safety and Security

We are committed to ensuring that all the information found on this website is secure, especially the information each user shares with us. We use methods and procedures to help get rid of any illegal access of all the information we accumulate online. Available Public Records offers the best security to users, as long as they are using our website.

How We Make Use of Cookies

We utilize cookies to let a user have a friendlier and easier use of the website. Cookies are small files placed on the computer’s hard drive. You can cancel the use of these cookies when you enable the “refuse” to your web browser.

Control of Personal Information

You are entitled to restrict or select the use of the personal information. If you are asked to fill up a form on this website, you must indicate that you do not want other users to use your own information. However, in the event that you have already agreed to the personal information being used and you want to change your mind, you must email us.

Termination of these Terms of Use

We reserve the rights for the terminations of these terms of use, and revoke the access of the users to this site. If there is any breach of agreement between a user and this website, we have the privilege to cancel all the included details on these terms of use.